This concludes our brief presentation showing the existence of the Volpino Italiano distinct breed over thousands of years based on ancient artifacts, painting photos and newspaper clippings.

Members of the North American Volpino Club and Volpino Italiano Club of America has pedigrees that go back 16 generations, 7 generations currently living in America.  

We are looking for people who know how to go about getting AKC approval. AKC allowed the Toy Eski to change it's name from Volpino to Toy Eski, from being pressured by American Eskimo breeders. This is causing a big misuse of power. Currently breed clubs from 19 countries around the world have recognized the Volpino Italiano for many years including the FCI since 1903 and they do not recognize American Eskimos.

There are hundreds of Volpino's in America, Canada and throughout the world, including Italy, Finland, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, England, Brazil and others that would love to compete here in America with the AKC. We believe that because there is not much money behind the Volpino Italiano is why the AKC doesn't approve them. It's political. But without any doubt the Volpino Italiano breed cannot be denied and please if you have a Toy Eski realize it's really a Volpino with a very lovely romantic history.

These are the flags of countries that recognize the Volpino. In America, only the UKC recognizes them. 

The UMAVI is the Grand-Father Club in Italy, that regulates all the other countries. 

Terralea Collins is Jr. President representing, America and Canada

When changes are made to the Standard or other matters regarding changing ByLaws, each Jr President from each country is notified to Vote for or against the change. These changes are then sent to ENCI and FCI for final approval.

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