The term, "Responsible Breeders" signifies that the breeder has taken responsibility to do many things. One of them is to get a DNA test on their Volpino's before breeding or bought puppies from parents who were DNA tested for PLL so puppies would be OK. If one parent is a Carrier then puppies have to be tested before they are sold and given to the new owner. They should also receive a AKC and or UKC Registration Certificate.
Here in America our club has known about PLL since Spring 2010. Italy has known about PLL since 1994 but no DNA test for PLL was available until September 2009.  North American Volpino Club sent letters to Italy ENCI which is equivalent to America's AKC and all Volpino Clubs around the world to warn them that they need DNA testing before they breed.
Italy sold a few Volpino's to Americans and Canadians without telling them that they could be Carriers or Affected with PLL.  So a couple litters were born Carriers. Those Carriers and Affected in our club have been fixed and no longer breed but they did have puppies that we don't know where they are and if they are aware that if they breed they can pass the genetic defect to their puppies. So please if you have not done so have them tested through the
If they are not on our list, ask the breeder to show the Certified Certificate from that the named, sire and Dam, is PLL CLEAR. 

No breeding, Mother to son, Father to daughter or brother to sister AND BY ALL MEANS NEVER BREED TO A AMERICAN ESKIMO OR POMERANIAN or any other breed. 
Volpino breeders should never sell to a puppy mill. Investigate and research who you sell to.
A responsible breeder will always take the puppy back if the people for what ever reason cannot keep it or find it a new home, so they never end up in a shelter. 
Mother and puppies must be wormed properly starting at 2 weeks old and shots given 1 every 3 weeks for 3 weeks, total 3 shots. Make arrangements with your Vet, if puppy is still in the home after 8-9 weeks. Start shots when they are 6 to 8 weeks old. I like first shot at 8 weeks then 11 weeks then 14 weeks than at 24 weeks Rabies, some states require Rabies at 16 weeks. Depends where you live and if puppy goes into public. Do not over vaccinate, the 5 in 1 should never be given with any other vaccinations. Wait 2 weeks in-between. Many have died from immune system problems from over vaccinating. If your Vet doesn't agree, then go to a different Vet.  The worming medicine should be from your Vet, not from the grocery store. Or done by your Vet if you don't know how, have them show you. We encourage each to have at least 1 litter to insure Volpino's from extinction, as long as they meet the Standard and Health requirements.
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