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  • We are all volunteers here, no officers get paid
  • Our goal is to see that Volpino's don't become extinct.  
  • Due's pay for this website to be on line, webmaster does it for free hosting about $250.00 per yr. Or if new .com's are needed.
  • Due's cover the $10.00 a month charge that bank charges to keep a bank account open, $120.00 per year..
  • If there is money when it comes time for our once a year meetings then money goes toward paying for food. $500.00 per year. 
  • We also raise money for Vet Bills when someone's Volpino gets very sick and Vet bills are in the thousands, when owner is out of work, the payment is direct to the Vet.
  • We have raised money for flowers to families who club member died. 
So to stay balanced we need at least 29 people to pay dues,
Just think what we could do if everyone paid their dues and stayed connected to our group on Facebook where we have health discussions, adoptions, Dog Food Recalls, all kinds of important things that if your not connected you may not understand, why your Volpino is sick.       
Every puppy that breeders sell, they donate $25.00 per puppy and sometimes more if needed.
Can we count you in too!
                                  $25.00 to... NAVC - PO. Box 3373 Newport Beach, CA 92659



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